In 2012 we celebrated 400 years of there being a Baptist presence in Britain. As part of those celebrations we began to look ‘Beyond 400’ and to have a conversation about the future of our mission and ministry together. Who are the people engaging in creative and entrepreneurial mission, seeking the Kingdom of God in new ways, new cultures and new contexts? How can we better support the individuals who God is calling to go beyond the fringe our existing congregational life?

The Pioneer Collective is one response to those questions. God is raising up a tribe of women and men who are intentionally and creatively responding to the spiritual needs of our society. It may be that as you read through this website you will come to realise that you are one of them, and if so, we invite you to become part of the Pioneer Collective.

For a bit more background to the initiative, follow these links to find out who is involved and what we are hoping to achieve.